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Connecting K12 Education to

Future-Ready Skills


Introduce Students to Careers of the Future

INSPRO.Kids classroom packs are designed for elementary and middle schools to introduce their students to careers of the future through hands-on activities and exciting projects, one field at a time, once a month. 

Teach Your Students
Next-Gen Skills

Each INSPRO.Kids Classroom Pack includes curriculum and lesson plans aligned with Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS) , illustrated instructions, and materials for 10 groups. Suggested for up to 40 students.

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Provide Immersive 
Learning Experience

Incorporate play-based STEM learning for an engaging experience for students. Our digital platform provides immersive simulated environments for students to practice their newly learnt skills. 

Tech Experience 
Not Required

Teachers do not need to be technology experts to implement INSPRO.Kids program.  All it takes is time, attention to detail, practice, and a shared delight in learning. Schools also have the option to get  in-person guide to support the teacher.

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How our Classroom Packs Work


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Designed for  
Progressive Educators

Our classroom packs are designed for progressive educators and come with everything you need to introduce your students to an emerging field of study   relevant to careers of the future. Surprise your students every month with a completely new set of skills and learnings that will set them firmly on a path to success.


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Materials Delivered
 Every Month

A box full of materials to get your students started on the basic skills for a new emerging career will be delivered to your classroom every month.

Classroom packs include 10 sets and are designed for up-to 40 students. They include a teacher guide with NGSS-aligned lesson plans, project equipment and student worksheets. 


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 Immersive Online Learning Platform

Our program includes access to our cloud-based interactive learning portal with immersive hardware simulations. This enable teachers and kids to explore scientific topics thoroughly and practice the skills they learn in class. No prior technology experience necessary!

Prepare your Students for 
Next-Gen Careers 

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