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Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Step into a World of Augmented Reality with Playful Practical Learning


InsproKids Basic Subscription

AR Explorer Box is an exciting subscription box designed to introduce kids to the cutting-edge world of augmented reality (AR) in a practical and playful way. Our subscription box delivers hands-on activities and engaging materials that ignite curiosity, foster critical thinking, and empower young innovators to embark on their AR journey.


AR Deep-Dive Subscription

With AR Explore Deep-Dive Subscription, your child will:


Dive into Augmented Reality

Explore the captivating realm of augmented reality and learn how digital elements merge with the real world. Your child will discover the potential of AR technology and its applications in various fields.


Engage in Practical AR Projects

ARPlayBox provides all the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions for your child to create exciting AR projects. From designing interactive AR experiences to exploring AR apps, they'll bring their ideas to life.


Cultivate Essential Tech Skills

Your child will develop crucial tech skills, such as coding, design thinking, and problem-solving, through hands-on AR challenges and puzzles. They'll be well-prepared to explore the limitless possibilities of AR technology.


Learn User-Friendly AR Tools

ARPlayBox introduces your child to user-friendly AR tools and platforms that professionals use. They'll gain practical experience in creating AR content without the need for advanced technical knowledge.


Foster Creativity and Imagination

Encourage creativity and imagination as your child designs unique AR experiences. ARPlayBox empowers them to think innovatively and combine the virtual world with reality in exciting ways.


Connect with a Community of AR Explorers 

Join the ARPlayBox community and connect with like-minded young creators. Your child can share their AR projects, collaborate with others, and gain inspiration from fellow AR enthusiasts.


Prepare for a Tech-Driven Future

AR technology is shaping the future, and ARPlayBox prepares your child for this tech-driven world. They'll develop a passion for augmented reality and lay the foundation for a career in the tech industry.


Get the AR Explorer Box today and witness your child's creativity come to life with augmented reality. Our subscription box offers an immersive experience where learning and play merge to unleash their innovative potential.


Unleash their imagination, nurture their problem-solving abilities, and let them become the next generation of AR pioneers with AR Explorer Box. Start their AR journey today and empower them to create magical digital experiences!

Coming soon in 2024. Pre-order to be among the first ones to get it.
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