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Social Media

Social Media

Unleash Your Child's Inner Influencer and Explore the Exciting World of Social Media


InsproKids Social Media Box is  designed to introduce kids to the thrilling career of a social media influencer in a fun and playful way. Our subscription delivers interactive activities and engaging materials that inspire creativity, foster communication skills, and ignite their passion for the digital realm.


With Social Media box your child will:


Discover the World of Social Media 

Dive into the exciting world of social media and learn about the power of influence and content creation. Your child will explore popular platforms, understand digital etiquette, and uncover the secrets of successful influencers.


Create Compelling Content

Our social media box provides tools and guidance for your child to develop their content creation skills. From photography and video editing to crafting engaging captions, they'll learn to captivate an audience and create content that shines.


Learn Branding and Marketing

Your child will discover the importance of personal branding and marketing strategies. They'll explore techniques to build their online presence, collaborate with brands, and understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.


Foster Communication and Presentation Skills 

Social media influencers excel in communication, and InsproKids Social Media box focuses on nurturing these skills. Your child will practice effective communication, storytelling, and presentation techniques to engage and inspire their audience.


Embrace Creativity and Self-Expression

Social Media box empowers your child to express their unique voice and creativity. They'll experiment with different content styles, develop their personal brand aesthetic, and embrace their authentic self in the digital space.


Promote Digital Well-being

Our Social Media box emphasizes the importance of digital well-being and responsible social media usage. Your child will learn about online safety, maintaining a healthy balance, and fostering positive online interactions


Get the InsproKids Social Media box today and watch your child's confidence soar as they unleash their inner influencer. We provide a dynamic learning experience, where learning, creativity, and play merge to foster their digital potential.


Unleash their creativity, nurture their communication skills, and let them become the next generation of digital influencers with our Social Media  box. Start their influencer journey today and prepare them for an exciting career in the digital world!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Influencer DeepDive
Acquire skills for a career as a Social Media Influencer
$39.95every month for 12 months
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