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Drawing ideas for kids

drawing ideas for kids

Drawing Ideas for Kids: Unleashing the Tiny Picassos Within! 🎨

Prepare to be amazed as InspiroKids ignites the artistic genius in every child!

Say goodbye to boring doodles and hello to mind-blowing masterpieces. 💥

Unleash Your Inner Da Vinci by the following drawing ideas exclusively curated for 12 year olds. 🎨🎨

  1. Mythical Mashup: Challenge your 12-year-old to create a creature that combines elements from two different mythologies! Think a fire-breathing griffin with a mermaid tail ‍♀️ This encourages creativity and research into different mythological creatures.

  2. Reimagine a Classic: Give a classic story or painting a modern twist! They could draw a futuristic Cinderella arriving at the ball in a self-driving carriage or a cyberpunk reimagining of Van Gogh's Starry Night ✨

  3. Perspective Playground: Up the challenge with a focus on perspective. Have them draw an illusion hallway that seems to stretch on forever or a cityscape from a bird's-eye view ️

  4. Fan Art Fusion: Combine their love for fandoms! They could draw their favorite characters from different shows or games interacting in a new story ‍♀️‍♂️ This is a fun way to showcase their interests.

  5. Daily Doodling Challenge: Spark daily creativity with a month-long drawing challenge! Pick a theme for each day (e.g., emotions, objects that start with B, underwater creatures) This helps them explore different ideas and improve their drawing skills.

Want to showcase your drawings to the world? 🌍

Get our social media kit and learn how to capture the moment, edit and publish it to social media to let people see your talent!

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